About Us

The principles of my blogging

1. Introduce new foods, expand the diet, not reduce it. A varied diet is the key to getting all the necessary nutrients out of the diet. A poor diet is the cause of lack of strength and disease, due to the lack of macro and micronutrients;

2. 2. I am in favor of eating a lot, tasty and nourishing food, cooking simple meals and using available products from the supermarket;

3. I'm in favor of making meals out of mono-products (whose composition can be described in one word) in the diet. For example: poultry, fish, meat, eggs, grains, vegetables;

4. Reducing simple refined sugars is the way to health;

5. Simple and fast dishes that don't take a lot of time, that are easy and fun to make!

6. A balanced diet throughout life is the best strategy for health, beauty, and longevity! Healthy eating is a lifestyle!